Sixth person charged with Dublin animal cruelty offenses

A SIXTH person has been charged with animal cruelty offenses for operating a pound in Dublin.

Ound manager Donal Moroney (67) is on trial along with the owner, the vet and three shelter staff.

Judge John Lindsay has adjourned all cases to Dublin District Court for the preparation of a compendium of evidence.

The lawsuits follow a Garda investigation into the treatment and deaths of dogs at Ashton pound, River Road, Castleknock, in July last year. He had operated a dog sitting service for the greater Dublin area.

Mr Moroney, of Ayrfield Drive, Coolock, is charged with violations of the Animal Health and Welfare Act and European Community regulations (use of animals), on three dates last year.

It is alleged that on July 24, 2020, he allowed another person to kill and cause unnecessary suffering to a white colored Bichon Frize dog by orally administering the drug Release to him, which is to be administered intravenously.

He is also accused of allowing the administration of the same drug to a fawn-colored male Akita dog on the same date, causing the animal to unnecessary suffering.

Other charges allege that he had the drugs under his control at the pound.

On July 28, 2020, it is alleged that he obstructed a garda by failing to comply with the requirement not to move the akita from the kennel he was in on July 27.

He is accused of obstructing the same ward on July 29, failing and refusing to comply with a requirement to obtain immediate veterinary care for the Akita.

Mr Moroney was not required to appear in court due to the Covid restrictions. Guard Sergeant Paul Keane handed over a certificate containing evidence of the arrest, charge and caution of the accused. He said a written summary of the evidence had been served on the defense.

He said the DPP was running the indictment trial and consented to Mr. Moroney being referred to circuit court on a signed guilty plea if that were to happen.

“This is not going to happen,” said Moroney’s lawyer Robert Purcell.

Judge Lindsay adjourned the case until November for the preparation of a compendium of evidence. He granted Mr Moroney free legal aid after Mr Purcell said his client was “a retired man” in receipt of an old age pension.

The cases of five co-defendants had already been in court and they were due to be served with evidence books in the same court today. However, the books were not ready and business was adjourned. The co-defendants were also remanded in custody in their absence.

Pound owner David Stone of Hazelbrook, Loughlinstown is indicted along with veterinarian Sydney Nagle (62) of The Oaks, Hollystown, Dublin 15.

Staff members Gordon Markey Quinn (22) from Nangle Court, Windtown, Navan, Co. Meath, Tamara Philips (23), Westway Rise, Blanchardstown, Dublin and Raymond Connolly (53) from Claddagh Green, Ballyfermot, Dublin also been charged.

Mr. Nagle is charged with possession of the drug Release, impounded on July 14, 2020, for the purpose of selling or supplying it in contravention of drug abuse laws and regulations.

Mr Nagle, of Cara Veterinary Hospital, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15, is accused of causing unnecessary suffering to a man, a fawn akita and a white bichon frize, at the pound on July 24 of the year last, 2020.

He is also accused of causing and allowing another person to kill a protected animal on the same date.

The veterinarian is accused of failing to keep records of purchases and sales, quantities administered, lot numbers and serial numbers of prescriptions as of July 29, 2020.

It also has a charge for allowing a person to be in possession of an animal remedy intended for use by a veterinarian only.

Mr Stone is accused of causing unnecessary suffering to the Akita and the Bichon Frize on July 24 of last year. He is also accused of having killed a protected animal or of having caused or allowed another person to kill a protected animal on the same date.

Mr Markey Quinn, Ms Philips and Mr Connolly face the same charges in relation to Akita and Bichon Frize, as well as one for causing or allowing the killing of a protected animal on July 24, 2020.

Mr Connolly faces an additional charge for obstructing an impound guard four days later.

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