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Large numbers of ‘failed’ sheepdogs are handed over to the Donegal Pound in Letterkenny.

Donegal Animals in Need, the local charity that works closely with the pound, said the total number of dogs rescued was increasing again.

It had dropped dramatically as people searching for companion dogs during the Covid pandemic rose.

A spokesperson for DAIN said: “As expected, as restrictions ease and people return to work, some owners are finding that they are running out of time for their puppy, who is now a youngster. dog, and the number of dogs abandoned or left behind in the Letterkenny Pound is on the rise.

The spokesperson added that the majority of the dogs rescued in Donegal are collies, many of whom have remained in the pound because they did not reach the rank of sheepdogs.

However, as collies are highly prized pets in the UK, many rescued dogs are transferred to Collie Rescue UK and have found suitable homes.

The spokesperson added, “A lot of these ‘failed sheepdogs’ are successful at excelling in agility classes and competitions, which is a perfect way to keep these highly intelligent and active dogs happy and entertained.”

Three Letterkenny Collies recently received their pet passports and will be heading to Collie Rescue shortly and three more dogs were welcomed locally last week by new owners.

Overall, the increase in the number of returned dogs is again of concern.

The animal charity said after a fairly quiet year on the dog front, dog rescues are on the rise.

The spokesperson said: ‘The past year has been special in dog rescue as for the first time the demand for dogs exceeded the number of dogs available as people took on a canine companion during the lockdown. .

“For the first time since the association started 15 years ago, there were no puppies to save.

“Usually puppies are left in the Letterkenny Pound on a regular basis, sometimes whole litters, but this year it is believed they were sold instead, often for exorbitant amounts of money.

“The dogs we rescued last year were often elderly or had health issues and had to spend a lot of time in foster homes before they could be relocated or become permanent foster dogs.

“Relocation per se became a problem because due to Covid restrictions, home checks could not be performed on potential owners and only those already approved could adopt dogs.

“Brexit has posed its own set of problems as transporting dogs to new homes in the UK has become a major operation with a mountain of additional documents on top of travel restrictions.”

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