New floor for the Dannevirke pound

The Tararua District Council has tips to help you prevent your dog from pulling a Houdini. Photo / NZME

Tararua District Council is asking for assistance in returning impounded dogs to their owners while the pound is being serviced.

The floor is redone to prevent animal diseases.

Council staff want people to make sure their dogs have their registration tags and that microchip details are up to date.

If a dog is known to have escaped the property, council staff suggest finding out how they are doing and why, so the behavior can be curbed.

They have some tips for keeping the dog at home, such as keeping him active and stimulated.

Going for a walk or a run is always useful, as is playing.

Council suggests homeowners check that their property lines are secure and repair any gaps or broken fences.

They also suggest neutering to prevent the dog from going out in search of a mate.

Owners can also train their dogs to have reliable recall.

If you suspect your dog was picked up by the Animal Control Team, check out the website or contact the customer service team on 063744080 or 063760110.

Further advice is available from the SPCA.

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