Irish pound owner, veterinarian and staff charged with animal cruelty over deaths of shelter dogs


The owner of a Dublin pound, three shelter staff and a veterinarian have been charged with animal cruelty, following an investigation into the deaths of two dogs at the pound last July by the Irish National Police.

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Ashton Pound owner David Stone has been formally charged under the Animal Health and Welfare Act, including two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an Akita and a Bichon Frize died at the shelter and one count of killing a protected animal or causing or allowing another person to kill a protected animal, depending on the Irish Examiner.

Veterinarian Sydney Nagle has been charged with possession of a controlled drug, for the purpose of selling or otherwise supplying them in violation of drug laws and regulations. Nagle is also accused of causing unnecessary suffering to two dogs, causing or allowing another person to kill a protected animal, and failing to keep adequate records of purchases and sales.

Three shelter staff – Gordon Markey Quinn, Raymond Connolly and Tamara Philips – have also been charged with killing or allowing another person to kill a protected animal. Connolly faces an additional charge for preventing a National Police officer from doing his job, according to Irish weather.

The arrests follow an investigation by the An Garda Síochána, also known as Gardaí or Irish National Police, in a whistleblower complaint last July that shelter staff were killing animals by feeding them sodium pentobarbital – a euthanasia drug intended to be injected by a qualified veterinarian.

The five people were indicted by the Dublin Circuit Court and remanded in custody. They are due to appear again in district court on September 17.

But the trial will take place on arraignment before the Circuit Court, which can pronounce harsher sentences in case of conviction, said the sergeant of the Court of Guard. Paul Keane told Irish Examiner.

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